The Murder Hobos – Episode 63 – Called Away

Adam nodded, knowing no one else in his group saw his Patron. None but him heard the voice. “I understand. And I will comply. But why now?”

The Solar pulsated once.

Letting out a deep breath, Adam nodded again. “Caelynn, as well? But,” he hesitated, “you know what’s about to happen. I’d like to see this through if possible. Please.”

The celestial pulsated again, brighter and more insistent.

“Adam? What’s that?” Caelynn asked.

“You see it?”

She nodded.

“It’s my Patron. You and I are needed elsewhere. Stay here, I’ll go tell Jinnaari.”

“What about Thia?” she grabbed his arm, stopping him.

“He says all will be well. I have to do what he says, Caelynn. We both do. If we don’t, Thia’s doomed.” He looked at her. “I know. I don’t want to leave now, either. But I don’t want to be the reason why she turns away from Kelemvor, either.” Removing her hand from his arm, he moved past Moon and Pan, heading for the paladin.

“Jinnaari, hold up. We have a glitch.”

The Dragonborn stopped, turning to look at him as he approached, “What is it?”

“I’ve had a visit from my Patron. I’ve been told I have to leave, now, and take Caelynn with me.”

Jinnaari clenched his jaw, “Did they give a reason?”

Adam shook his head, “Not really. Just that, if we don’t go, Thia’s doomed. Us being here, in this fight, is going to give Lolth whatever final ammunition She needs to turn her. I want to get her back, same as the rest of us. But I won’t be the one to seal her fate like that.” He glanced back at everyone else. “They’ll take care of things, as will you. When it’s all over, when we find ourselves all back at the Green Frog, we’ll swap stories. First two rounds are on me.” He held out his hand.

The paladin grasped it, “And the next two are on me. Go. I’ll explain it to Thia when we get her back.”

Adam nodded and walked back to where his Patron stood with Caelynn. His heart was heavy. He didn’t like leaving, not with the battle that they were about to have. But he also knew that being the cause of Thia’s doom would weigh even heavier on his conscience.

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