Whelp, it’s official

The message came down today. As of now, I’m on furlough from my retail job. The good part is I’ll still see 2 more paychecks per what the company already agreed to. And I’m furloughed, not laid off, so I’ll have a job when we reopen.

It’s unclear when that’ll happen, though. It depends on when our Governor feels it’s safe to reopen the state.

For us, life will move on. I’m going to start working on all the books I need to rewrite/reimagine or finish writing. Those will go to my beta readers and my agent as fast as I can work through them.

My gaming group will keep going. Dishes will be cleaned, laundry washed, bills paid.

This isn’t an end. It’s a reboot. Our society has been given the chance to reset its system. We’ve lost sight of what’s important because we were afraid we’d miss out on something. What we were missing, though, was what we already had. Love, compassion, friendship, time.

Let’s not waste this chance to rediscover how amazing we can be to each other.


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