The Murder Hobos – Episode 80 – Gabriel and Adam

Adam stood at the railing of the balcony, staring at the clouds. The mountain seemed to be cut in two by them. Below the tower, somewhere in the Undermountain, were his companions. With luck, they’d found the proof they needed to clear Jinnaari’s name.

If not, he hoped that he and Caelynn would be allowed to rejoin them and help with that. Somehow.

The air to his left stirred as a pair of powerful wings beat in rhythm. Adam turned, his eyes growing wide with awe. The bright light he’d associated with his Patron faded. The Solar stood, his white wings folded behind him.

“It’s time for you to learn more, Adam,” he said.

“More of what? Magic?”

“No,” his patron smiled, “more of why I brought you both here. You have rarely questioned my instructions. For that, I am grateful. Events are moving quickly, though. There are things coming that your friends are not aware of. And may not, until you can return to them.”

“We will be allowed to return, then?” Adam asked, hope filling his soul.

“Eventually, yes,” he paused. “It’s not my decision to make, though, but the one I serve.”

Blinking, Adam looked at him. It hadn’t occurred to him that his Patron may serve another. “May I ask whose hand guides my fate?”

“Bahamut.” The Solar leaned against the rail, looking out to the valley below. “My name is Gabriel, and I am bound in service to Bahamut. The same as your paladin friend.”

“I see,” was all he could say in response. His mind tried to absorb what he was being told.

“My Lord fights against evil, as you know. And His own sister, Tiamat. When the time is right. When you and Caelynn are both ready, and the others are as well, you’ll be sent back to them. For She is trying to come up from the Nine Hells, summoned by a lich who knows not what he’s doing. That’s what Bahamut needs you for. His arm is already below the mountain. You and the others are to be the shield.”

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