The Murder Hobos – Episode 83 – Sitting idle

Caelynn randomly plucked at the strings of the instrument. Sighing, she put it down. Her heart wasn’t into the music today. It hadn’t been for days.

Had it been days since Adam’s Patron brought them here? Or months? The isolation of the tower wore on her soul. It was, for the most part, just the two of them. His Patron made rare visits, and usually stayed with the warlock only. Unseen servants kept things clean, made their meals.

She gave up trying to play. Placing the harp back onto the table, she walked to a window. The mountain’s peak rose above the clouds that obscured the world below them. From what little bit of news they’d received, that’s where their friends were. Under the mountain, trying to clear Jinnaari’s name.

But what about the rest of it? How was Thia doing? What happened to her while she was Lolth’s captive? Were Helix and Moon still alive? Pan? So little had been shared! Frustrated, she considered shooting arrows into the clouds. It wouldn’t help, though.

“Caelynn? Are you okay?” Adam’s voice sounded from behind her.

She didn’t turn around. “No, not really. I want to be out there,” she pointed at the snow-capped peak. “I want to know everyone’s okay. I want to help them.”

He leaned on the window sill next to her, “We both do. I take it Gabriel hasn’t told you why you needed to come with me yet?”

“No,” she couldn’t keep the bitterness out of her voice. “I know he’s been training you to do something. But he’s barely said a word to me. The only person who’s talked to me since we arrived is you. I don’t even know how long we’ve been here now. The days are blending together.” She took a deep breath. “I trusted him when he said I had to come with you or else Thia’d be turned to Lolth’s service. I just wish he’d bother to explain why.”

“He told me that we, like the others, are the shield. Jinnaari’s the sword. Tiamat’s playing games, much like Lolth was, and Bahamut’s taking steps to keep His sister from rising. That’s why we’re here. Helix, Thia, and the rest know what they need to know already. Or they will soon enough. But we’re not ready yet.”

“How am I supposed to act like a shield? I attack, Adam. I’m not defensive.”

The warlock smiled, “And that’s why you had to come. It’s time for you to learn.”

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