The Murder Hobos – Episode 86 – Who is worthy to wield?

Thia stood back, trying to figure out what it was Jinnaari and Moon were fighting. To her, it was nothing more than a whisper of color within the whirlwind.

Helix had disappeared. That wasn’t new, but the look on his face made her think he may not be coming back. Adam and Caelynn were still sequestered with his Patron, somewhere. And Gnat…. well, the goblin was as good if not better at hiding than Helix was.

Face it, she thought. It’s just the three of us. Against an Archlich, and maybe Tiamat.

            As her fingers drew the sigil, sending her spell toward the invisible foe, she heard Jinnaari swear in Draconic. She couldn’t understand him, but it certainly sounded colorful. Glancing his way, she saw his sword slip from his grip and sail through the air toward her.

Ducking, she watched as it fell to the flagstones with a loud clang before skidding across the floor. She looked back at the paladin; he drew back a gauntleted fist and punched the air in front of him.

Sprinting for the sword, she took a deep breath. His weapon had been blessed by two Gods, including her own. Normally, she’d have left it alone. The odds were against them, though, if it wasn’t in the Dragonborn’s hands.

“Kelemvor, I hope I’m worthy of doing this,” she whispered as her hands grasped the handle. Steadying her legs beneath her, she lifted the weapon off the ground.

It came up quickly; it was lighter than she expected. The faint glow it always gave off flared and surrounded her hands. She smiled. Turning, she sprinted back to the fight. Tapping Jinnaari on the shoulder, she gave him a wicked grin. “I think you dropped something,” she said as she held it out to him. “Try not to do it again. You might wake the Undead.”

He took it from her, glancing at the sword and back at her. “You and I need to talk,” he said, “but not now.” Turning, he drove the blade into the creature before him.

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