The Murder Hobos – Episode 89 – Forever Family

The music followed Thia out to the balcony. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to celebrate Pan’s wedding to Eli. For now, though, everything overwhelmed her. All she wanted to do was breathe some of the cool night air and calm her mind.

“So, Thia,” Jinnaari said from behind her, “how are things with you?”

She laughed as she turned around. “Still up to your paladin mind tricks?”

He shrugged, “What makes you think I ever stopped?” Moving closer, he sat down on one end of a stone bench. “We’re family, Thia. I know that face. Talk to me.”

She sat down, facing the party. Pan danced with his husband in the center of the revelry. They looked beyond happy. “It’s over, isn’t it?” Her voice cracked a little.

“What’s over?”

“Us, as a group. We’ve sent both Lolth and Tiamat back to wherever it is they came from. Pan’s married. Helix took off this morning, heading to the land granted to him. Even Adam and Caelynn are talking about leaving for Waterdeep and The Green Frog within a few days. Part of me thought we’d be together longer, fighting whatever Bahamut and Kelemvor told us to go fight. Now,” she let out a long sigh, “I’m not sure where home is.”

“You’re not staying in Cirrain?” Jinnaari asked. “I thought you had a place here, with your father’s family.”

She glanced at him, “I do, but…” she paused, “I’m not sure I’m ready to stay here. Everyone’s been great and all, but I’ve not had the best of luck with biological relations. I may come visit once or twice a year, but I don’t–”.

“Trust or know them enough to stay?” He finished her thought. “I can understand that. Have you talked with Adam? I’m sure he’d let you stay at the inn. You’d have him and Caelynn right there, and I won’t be far either.”

“What do you mean? I thought your mother would’ve insisted you rejoin Court.”

He shook his head, “She tried. Trust me, she put her best argument for it out there. Bahamut has other ideas, though. I’ve taken a post as weapons instructor at the chapter house in Waterdeep. It’s not far from Adam’s place, and he has some really good ale on tap. I imagine I’ll find it necessary to sample some after spending a day teaching recruits how to use a sword without cutting their own foot.” He laughed. “Gnat’s determined to try and become a paladin. I’ve never known a Goblin to take a vow of service to Bahamut, but he’s ready to be the first.”

Thia watched the dancers shift as the music changed. “The Green Frog’s the only place I’ve had for a long time that felt like home. Do you really think Adam would let me keep living in my room there?”

“As far as Adam and I are concerned, you’re family. That lasts forever. I’m certain he won’t turn you away.” He rose and held out a hand to her. “Enough moping. You’ve done enough of that, with reason. It’s time to start living.”

Smiling, she took his hand and rose. “You’re right.”

“I’m always right. It’s about time you admitted it.”

Laughing, she let him lead her back to the party.


Author note: This is the last story for Thia, Jinaari, and company. The group has been retired from game play. The Murder Hobos will return with new characters and adventures starting on 6/20/20. There will be new stories about the new cast. 

As to this bunch…there just might be a book written one day.

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