The Murder Hobos – Shore Leave – Episode 1 – Manak

Our new game won’t start until June 27th, but I wanted to start introducing the cast to you all! 

A hand slapped the side of the wagon, jolting Manak awake. “We’re here,” the driver growled. “Get out.”

Carefully, he scooted toward the end of the cart. He’d broken a crate climbing in, and he’d depleted his coin stash paying for the damages. “Where’s here?”

“Saltmarsh,” the man replied.


“Look,” he stared at Manak, exasperated, “You handed me coin and asked me to take you as far from Baldur’s Gate as that would get you. No questions asked. This is it.” He stared at him.

Manak slid out of the back of the wagon, one massive hand gripping his pack. The unmistakable odor of salt water permeated the air. Ahead of him, in the dimming light of early evening, sat a small town. A single gate, manned by a bored looking sentry, stood a short walk away.

He turned around, “Don’t suppose–”

The driver was already in the seat, collecting the reins of his team, “Nope,” he said, not even looking at Manak. The wagon pulled away, leaving him standing in the middle of the muddy road.

Great. He had enough coin to wager on himself, if he could find a bar that allowed fighting. As long as the locals had deep pockets, and stupid sons, he would get by until he could make contact with the local Thieves Guild. Throwing his pack over his shoulder, he headed toward the guards.

“Evening, sirs,” His time in the military taught him some things, at least. “Where’s a fellow go in town to get a drink? Maybe find a fight or two? Purely for the challenge of the competition, you know.”

The two guards looked him up and down, “The Wicker Goat. Oldest bar in town. Straight down the road, first building on your right. Can’t miss it,” one volunteered.

“Ask for Lankus. He’s the owner. If there’s a fight to be found, he’ll know about it,” the other said as he sat back down.

“Much obliged,” Manak said. He handed one of them a silver coin. “In case you get thirsty.”

“What’s your name, sir? We’re required to let Eda know who’s come into Saltmarsh.”

“Name’s Bonecrusher,” he called out as he started to walk the sloping road that led into town.

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