Another story told

Morning, everyone!

I’ve been super busy lately. The retail job where I work opened back up, and that’s consumed about 20-30 hours of my week. Gaming, house cleaning, yard maintenance…it all adds up fast.

Oh, and writing. I’m happy to announce that ‘Scales & Stingers: A Heroes of Avoch Novel’ is done! I’ve heard back from 3 of my 4 beta readers, and will complete the verbal read through today. Within the next week, it’ll be with my agent, Denise Barone!

Here’s the blurb:

After her father’s murder, Thia enters into the service of the God, Keroys. Being half Fallen, she’s shunned by the other students at the cloister. Only the priest that saved her life shows her any real compassion or friendship.

Fifteen years later, she’s called to join a group of strangers tasked to bring down one of the Forsaken. As they confront their foe, Thia finds out more than she imagined. Keroys Marked her at birth, granting her power beyond that of most mortals.

In order to tap into her gift, Thia must renounce one life and accept another. But what does that mean? Can she find the strength she needs to stop hiding who she really is and embrace all that being a Daughter of Keroys means?

If you can’t tell from the name, this is the story based off of The Murder Hobos – The Green Frog. It deviated from that game’s plot, so lots of surprises for everyone!

I hope you’re all excited to read it and can wait, though. This won’t be like my previous works. I trust Denise to find me a reputable publisher. One that knows the fantasy genre and wants to take their time with editing, proofreading, cover art.

It takes time for the process. First, Denise has to find that home for it. Second, it has to go through all the pre publication steps. If this book sees a release date before the end of 2021, I’ll be ecstatic. I’ll talk with her, see if she thinks posting excerpts is a good idea. If you know someone at a reputable press and want to tell them about the book, have them contact Denise. Her info is on the ‘About KateMarie’ tab on this site.

There’s going to be more set in this world. I love writing about Thia, Jinaari, and the others. Enough so that I’m seriously considering starting a second book about the team. I also need to help Denise do what she does best.

Be patient, keep your excitement up, and know that it’s going to be worth the wait!


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