Testing 123

I don’t know how long will be in the braces. I do have a follow-up visit with my Dr. tomorrow at 2:00 PM. Hopefully we will have better answers as to what’s going on with the two fingers and exactly how long I will be in the braces.

Until then I want to get back riding on the next book. My agent is already submitting ‘Scales and Stingers’ to publishers which means I have to get busy on the next one.

This post is part of a learning experience. I will probably do a few more over the next week as I learned how to do speech recognition correctly. I can mistakes at least grammar wise in this. Please don’t hold it against me!

I think the biggest part for me that will take the most time to learn is the grammar and punctuation. I am so used to being able to close my eyes and let my fingers match the words to the images in my mind and add the right quotation marks and commas!


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