One step forward

Evening, all.

It’s been a busy day, and I’m heading off to bed soon. May revisit ‘Shield and Scepter’ briefly. I’m having to rewrite a conversation, and it’s slow going even when my hands feel good.

The EMG test was done today. It wasn’t overly painful, but I’d rather not do it again if I can help it. The needle to the muscle was fine. It was the electric shocks to stimulate/gauge how the nerves are transmitting that got to me.

Almost every one made my fingers twitch, which I hope is a good sign. Some areas of my arms/hands were so mild that I barely felt the current. Others almost made me say ‘ouch’. I know they made me cringe! But, it’s done and now we wait. The neurologist gets to check the data and interpret it before sending a report on to the specialist.

That visit is scheduled for next Monday, the 14th. I’m hopeful that I’ll leave with at least a path forward that leads to being able to type for hours and not have to stop and massage a finger or three. Surgery is a possibility, depending on the test findings, and I’ll push to get that scheduled before the end of the year.

I’d much rather start 2021 with my hands bandaged but heading toward healthy than put it off if at all possible. Each year, my hubby ends up with time off between Christmas and New Years. Our son has been home from college for close to a month now. Our daughter will be home for a few days, as well. One tradition for our family was for me to take the same time off as my hubby. When we could, we got out of town. COVID is making that impossible, but it would mean that I’d have lots of help around the house while my hands recovered.

Good thoughts and wishes for answers that are a positive step forward would be welcome. I’m not going to lie and say I’m not worried overall. One of my biggest anxieties has always been not knowing what’s wrong, especially with my own body. If something doesn’t work like it used to, I want to know why and get it fixed. These next few days, between test and consultation, will be the worst of it. My mind will think of the worst possible scenarios and dwell on those instead of the optimistic face I show most of the world. I’ve got a shift at the front door tomorrow. For over six hours, I’ll be smiling at customers and welcoming them in the store. The whole time, the overactive imagination that’s oh so helpful when writing my books will be in overdrive with ‘what if it’s’ thoughts.

No matter what, though, time will continue to move forward. Monday morning seems so far right now, but it’s going to show up faster than I think it will.

At least, I HOPE that’s the case. If it starts dragging like the entire month of April this year did, I’m likely to scream louder than a Banshee by Sunday morning….


2 thoughts on “One step forward

  1. Keeping the crossables crossed that there will be a (hopefully non-surgical) answer and started very soon. I know about scheduling around certain dates…had my hip replacement scheduled so I could be heralding the field again by Crown Tourney. Best of luck.

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