A day off? Yeah, right.

Morning, everyone!

I have today off the retail job. That doesn’t mean what most think it does. What it means is that I’m not earning any money (unless someone buys a copy of ‘Inversion of Magic’), but it doesn’t mean I’m not working.

First off, I have a cat who absolutely refuses to comprehend that her human isn’t in dire distress if the alarm doesn’t go off. She’s sitting on the chair next to me, ready to take a nap, but was pawing at my face less than 90 minutes ago.

Don’t let that calm demeanor and pretty fur deceive you. When she decides you need to wake up, there’s no way to get her to change her mind. LOL

It’s let me get small things done, though. First load of laundry’s going, second is ready to go into the washer. Bed has been made, a bill paid, a gift purchased. Tracking numbers for others have been checked as well. Once the first load goes into the dryer, I’ll head out for my walk. When I get back, I’ll be able to get it put away and the second load in the dryer.

That’s when I can sit down and get working on ‘Shield and Scepter’ again.

Later today, if I need a break, I can start planning our next D&D game. The Murder Hobos have taken a break due to various life things, including sick players. None of the illnesses were COVID, thank the Goddess! So far, no one within my bubble (it’s pretty small, btw) has received a positive result. I’m really hoping that continues. The vaccines are being sent out, given to people, and I know we’re planning to get ours when it’s available to us.

I did a lot yesterday, when I got home from work, so today would be clear. I would only have the ‘can’t escape doing this every day’ list between me and the story. After all the time spent stressing over my hands, along with the rest of the general horror show that 2020 has been, I’m really looking forward to just losing myself in the story for a few hours.

BB/Chan Eil Eagal Orm

2 thoughts on “A day off? Yeah, right.

  1. Enjoy your day off from retail. Making life better for all of us is high on the list of wonderful things, and that includes writing so your readers can rejoice when the book is released. I’m doing some editing, and some napping, and some creating art. A good balance for me.

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