The Murder Hobos – Shore Leave – Episode 9 – What is seen cannot be unseen

Tiko eased his way down the corridor. Everything about this was wrong. The storm, finding themselves on a sea that reminded him of Theros, this island…all of it.

            Kruphix, are you behind this? Is there something here I must see?

            The passage was well lit, and barren of dirt or dust. Strange, given the tight seal on the door. That wasn’t the worst, though. It was the murals on the walls.

            One of the core duties of his Order was to protect the star sapphire at all cost. It was the key that unlocked the cube where the Marin was trapped. It, along with the siren in the lore, was also the source of doom for that vile creature.

            The murals depicted, in graphic detail, the lore of his Brotherhood. Not just the capture of the Marin, but how it tore ancient cities of Theros to pieces when released. And of the sacrifices made to ensnare it once again.

            “Can we come in, Tiko?” Christos called from the door.

            “Not yet,” he said. There was a bend ahead, and he wanted to see if what he feared was there really was.

            The sapphire had disappeared the night of the Agrypnion. The next day, he set out to find it. And the siren the lore spoke of. Both would be necessary to finish off the Marin for good, seal him away where no escape was possible. He’d found the gem, bought it off the same people who he now traveled with. It was the siren that had him concerned.

            Turning the corner, he saw the portrait. Sirena’s face stared at him, perfectly depicted on the wall. In one hand, the sapphire. The other held a hammer poised to strike.

            He walked back to the party; his face solemn. Whatever else the temple held, he had to share this truth with them.

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