Welcome, Miles Nelson! Author of ‘Riftmaster’!

It’s my distinct honor to be part of a blog tour for Miles Nelson and his new release, ‘Riftmaster’! I’ve got some questions so you can know more about him…plus an excerpt!

  1. Do you prefer to write character driven stories or plot driven ones? Why?

I love character driven stories the most. I struggle with writing(and reading) tight plots with lots of characters, but I love long journeys, and slow, strong character development. I also love nature, and I feel that all of these things converge nicely over the course of Riftmaster. The book has only two main characters, and the focus is wholly on their relationship and how it develops. For the great majority of the book, it is only these two alone, helping and learning from one another despite their differences.

2. What’s the biggest source of inspiration for you?

My biggest source of inspiration comes from nature. I often find it hard to relate to other people, and find comfort in the quiet places like the local woods. Oftentimes, I’ll go out on a long walk with music playing, take in the sights and just lose myself in daydreams as I walk.

Different songs and genres tend to sway inspiration for different characters, and I have a different playlist for each book I’ve written.

3. Who’s your favorite character from this book? Why?

My favourite character is the Riftmaster themselves. They’re the oldest out of any of my characters(both physically and literally), having been inspired by childhood daydreams. Their behaviour and mannerisms also suggest a degree of neurodivergence, which makes the character easy for me to relate to. Having lived most of their life away from humanity, the Riftmaster feels more at home among aliens than other humans, just like I do among the birds and local wildlife. Despite this, though, the Riftmaster is a character who has their own wants, dreams and vulnerabilities, which Bailey discovers for himself over the course of the book.

4. Where do you write? Do you have an office you can hide in, or are you curled up in a chair on your laptop?

I have a desk in our bedroom, but generally end up working on the couch with my laptop. Our flat is very small, with no room for an office, and I’m bad enough at sleeping without doing my work in the same place! The couch is comfortable, and the arm is quite nice for resting my mouse to make art. I always make sure to get up every few hours for a quick walk to stretch my legs.

5. If given the chance, would you leave this world and go into one you’ve created? Why?

I can’t say I would. Having the chance to leave Earth and all of its injustices would, in some ways, be cathartic. If you were swept off into the Rift, you’d see beautiful things that no other human in the world had ever seen before, and there’d be no-one out there to tell you who to be. But would it be worth it?

You wouldn’t just be leaving behind the struggles; you’d also be leaving behind friends, and family, and all the things that help you through the hard times. There’d be no internet out there, no TV or warm beds unless you made them yourself. You’d probably have to eat bugs and dirt sometimes when there was nothing else. No-one to talk to on a bad day. No more days off.

The Earth has a long way to go, but I’d like to think it’ll get there one day if I stay.

Say hello to Miles!

How do you hold on to hope when you’re being repeatedly wrenched between worlds? College student Bailey Jones is plucked from his world by a mysterious and unpredictable force known as the Rift, which appears to move people at random from one world to another. Stranded on an alien planet, he is relieved when he meets a fellow human, the self-styled Riftmaster, who is prepared to assist him. Although curious about his new companion’s real identity, Bailey hopes that, with years of experience of the Rift, this cosmic traveller can help him find a way to return to Earth. But first, as the two of them are ripped without warning from one hostile planet to another, Bailey must rely on the Riftmaster to show him how to survive. Riftmaster, an adventure, an exploration, is concerned with loss, and letting go, while still holding onto your humanity and identity, even when life seems hopeless.

Other than the vague memory of the shape that had materialised in the blizzard, Bailey had no idea what to expect of the mysterious Riftmaster; but his imagination painted wild pictures of decorated alien monsters and intergalactic kings… world-eating aliens and interstellar gods. With a name like Riftmaster, really, what else could it be?

As they climbed higher, anticipation bloomed into nervous excitement.

Bailey also clung to the faint hope that this mysterious being would be able to help him get home to Earth. He’d been there before, after all; how else would he know English? Surely Seven-horn was wrong; there had to be a way. The mountain-dweller wasn’t, after all, a Riftmaster.

They climbed on, as the terrain finally began to even out.

At last, they reached the mountain’s peak, and the two beings perched together on a narrow and precarious ridge. The path dropped away before them and the ridge formed a perfect circle around a wide, bowl-shaped valley. With a sharp gasp, Bailey realised where the village took shelter. The mountain-dwellers’ village was built in the caldera of an ancient volcano, its crater long filled with snow.

You can find out more about the book, or the author, at the following sites:

Miles website: https://milesnelsonofficial.com

Twitter: @ProbablyMiles

Elsewhen Press: https://elsewhen.press/index.php/weblog/

Be sure to stop by https://www.thescribe.space/blog tomorrow to catch the next leg in the tour!

BB/Chan Eil Eagal Orm

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