Halfway to normal

Muse showing off her first ‘kill’ of the spring!

This has been a vacation week, and I’ve tried really hard to relax. No big push to do laundry or dishes, not stress about the floor being messy. No falling into the ‘I should be doing xyz’ trap.

Just taking deep breaths and relaxing.

Today, I got a text that put me into overdrive. I was eligible for the first dose of the COVID vaccine! Within minutes, I was online, searching for an appointment. And I found one!

Zipped out the door within minutes after booking it.

I admit to tearing up on the way. Not out of fear, but relief. Excitement. I have never, in my 53 years, ever been this excited to get a needle stuck in me. Not even when I was in labor with our two kids and they were clearing me for an epidural.

For the first time in a year, I felt hope. Real, honest, hope that my life would return to normal.

I’m the first one in our house to get it. Second dose has been scheduled already, and we got word today that my husband should be able to get his first dose sometime after March 31st.

I have one friend now who tested positive recently. It’s taken a year, but it’s hitting home. It’s coming for those who take every possible precaution.

It was a good experience. The location (mass vaccination site) was well organized and we moved right along. No real wait time, unless you count the 15 minutes of observation.

I’m halfway to normal again. And it feels wonderful.

BB/Chan Eil Eagal Orm

One thought on “Halfway to normal

  1. It’s a huge relief, I agree. Just got my second shot a week ago, and am starting to recognize that feeling of hope in myself.

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