New desks mean sore legs!

So, a few weeks ago we bought me a new monitor. The old one was showing signs it was about to die, and replacing it early meant I could still work while it got here.

The problem was the desk I had. It was an armoire style, with a smaller area for the monitor. In order to get what I wanted in the new one, I had to go up in size.

Boy, could you tell it was too big for that desk when it arrived!

With the last stimulus payout, we decided to upgrade my desk. I found one I liked on Amazon from Sauder. It’s ‘engineered wood’ (aka particle board), but they made the old desk and it’s held up really well over the years. It also had the hutch with cubbies for my different small things that need homes.

It arrived yesterday, after I was home from work. I spent most of the evening putting it together. When I went to bed, everything was done except plugging in the electronics, moving the printer over, etc.

Today, I got all of that done. It’s nice to have my desktop talking to the printer again! It’s got wireless capabilities, but for some reason I could never figure out, the desktop didn’t like talking to it that way. And it was becoming a pain to fire up my laptop anytime I needed to print something.

It’s taken me most of today, but everything’s finally put away in the new desk. There’s more surface space, which will take some getting used to. And the cats are trying to explore, as they are wont to do.

I picked up some drawer organizers so I could easily find a pen without stabbing myself a dozen times with a loose thumb tack! I also added a linen board. My kids both have left me small notes over the years. I used to have them taped to the sides of the desk. Now they live on the board and it’s where I can glance up and remember how much they believe in me.

I’m stiff, sore, and tired. Fred’s doing the last of the clean up now. All the boxes and packing materials are out in bins, ready to be picked up tomorrow.

Me? I’m planning on a long, hot soak in a tub to relax overworked muscles tonight. Because I gotta work tomorrow.

BB/Chan Eil Eagal Orm

One thought on “New desks mean sore legs!

  1. New desk aches are to be expected, I vote for the hot spa tub and lots of something soothing. I’m so glad you have one that will serve your needs and be a positive place to write. I can “hear” your tired smile. And I’m smiling thinking of you sitting down to write for the first time.

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