Holding onto hope

A creek in the town of Avoch, located on Black Isle, Scotland. Moray Firth is in the background.

I’ve found that sometimes hope comes at the strangest times. It’s unexpected, but usually exactly what we need at that moment.

I’ve been working hard on revising ‘Scales & Stingers: A Heroes of Avoch Novel’ for several weeks now. Last night, as I was wrapping up the read-through (verbal), a publisher contacted me on Twitter and asked that I be sure to have my agent submit the book to them when it was done.

Does that guarantee I have a contract? Absolutely not. But that invitation alone gives me hope.

If you’ve read the caption on the photo, you’ll notice I borrowed the name of that village as the name of the world I set up in the book. Honestly, that town was beautiful. I didn’t meet many people there, just those who work the dolphin tour boat I was on. But it still gives me a feeling of peace, of calm.

A feeling that hope is never dead.

The last week has been a trial for me, emotionally. Not because of the revisions, mind you. Those were necessary, and the book is much better for them. I had to take some steps I didn’t want to do, but were as necessary as the changes to the story.

Sometimes we have to surgically remove ourselves from a toxic relative, environment, or friendship. Those changes, while necessary, are painful in so many ways. What’s done is done, however, and it’s what I needed to do.

Tonight, I get back to ‘Shield & Scepter’. I wait for my agent to hear back from publishers about the first book. And I continue to hope that the future is brighter than the past several days.

BB/Chan Eil Eagal Orm

One thought on “Holding onto hope

  1. There is always hope, sometimes we just don’t see it at first. Sometimes hope is the bottom rung of the ladder…doesn’t matter if you are headed up or down. Keep the faith, baby.

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