Well, drat

Well, drat.

Honestly, I’m saying far worse in my head.

The trigger finger on my LEFT hand is now showing all signs of being inflamed, and is poised to start misfiring. Again. The steroid shot I was given in October has worn off or something similar. Both fingers have been irritated enough over the last few days that I’m alternating which finger gets the splint at night. I even resorted to taking tylenol last night and today.

The plus side is that typing isn’t making it worse. And I’ve already got a pre-op appointment in a few weeks for the right hand. Not sure if my specialist thinks doing both hands at the same time is a good option, but I’ll ask.

I am beyond done with this.

I’m still writing. Managed to figure out the right insults to fling at a character to get him to throw the first punch in a fight. That took a few weeks, believe it or not. I’ve got 80% or more of what’s left to go in this book plotted out in my head, and I know it’s going to be done before surgery. That’s been the goal.

Anyway, today we’re mowing lawns and probably keeping things low key. I’d like to get a couple thousand words done in the wip, play some games on my tablet, maybe take a nap.

The deciding factor, though, is if my fingers actually behave themselves.

BB/Chan Eil Eagal Orm

2 thoughts on “Well, drat

  1. Crossing my fingers (ha!) for you. Keeping things going is a real challenge when your body is fighting you. Hang in there.


    • Thank you. Writing doesn’t feel bad, but I’m having to ask for help twisting off caps on bottles! Anything that I need those two fingers to bend to do for longer than a few seconds…or need strength to do…is questionable today. At least typing keeps my hands moving fast enough that nothing can get caught.

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