Timelines, temperatures, and tired

Drive from Inverness to Edinburgh – I fell in love with the sky!

Three weeks from now, my palms will be bandaged up. The fingers will be free, and my specialist encouraged me to use them as much as I can. Given that I’m the first slot that morning, it’s probable that the numbing will have worn off by now.

What happens once that occurs will depend on just how much they hurt. The incision is through the palm, following the natural crease below my middle fingers. And I’m not someone who tolerates pain well.

Anticipating a dose of whatever they advise for post-op and then bed. If the weather lets me.

On top of not doing a lot of pain, I don’t like hot weather. At 80, I start to grumble. When it’s over 90, I snap at people. The next few days (June 26-28 per the forecast) are slated to be over 100 all three days.

I’m about to go past snapping at people and just scream.

The plus side (Is there one? I’m not sure yet. See? I told you I get cranky when it’s hot!) is that I got the synopsis for ‘Shield & Scepter’ done. Notes haven’t come back yet, but they will. I still need to refine the blurb. It’s not quite right and I know it, but the heat’s not going to help me look at it critically.

Which means it’ll wait a while longer.

Oh, when the heat wave breaks? We’re going back to a ‘cooler’ (that’s relative) upper 80’s pattern for a few days. Though we may see 90+ here and there.

See, my ideal weather is upper 60’s, low 70’s. A light breeze, overcast skies. The week I spent in Scotland was perfect in my world of weather preferences. The skies were beautiful, the temperatures right in my comfort zone, and it only rained one day. Even then, it wasn’t an all day rain deluge. It was a few hours, enough that you knew it was there, but it wasn’t going to soak you to the point of your hair dripping.

It was comfortable sleeping weather. Not this sticky, sweaty, oppressively warm stuff. And that’s with us having a portable a/c unit in our bedroom.

I really hope this is the worst we’ll see, though I doubt it. It’s late June, not late August. And the blurb needs (in my mind) to be done before surgery. If I can do that, and work through notes, then I’ll be hitting the ground running on ‘Sword & Soul’ when I get the all clear/stitches come out.

Maybe, just maybe, there’ll be a publisher who believes in the story as much as I do by then, too.

BB/Chan Eil Eagal Orm

One thought on “Timelines, temperatures, and tired

  1. The ideal weather that you describe is mine as well. I do really bad in the heat, have already had one day of nausea and sweats and it’s not 90 yet… I keep going as much as I can, but I’ve learned not to fight my body if I can manage it. I hope we will both survive this heat wave well, and come out better on the other side of autumn. Blessed Be.

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