On the mend

Morning, everyone!

So, trigger finger release happened on the 16th. My family took excellent care of me over the weekend, making sure I didn’t do anything I shouldn’t. With hands wrapped up like that, it was hard to forget I had to take it easy!

I’m also stubborn as anything and got frustrated at not being able to do things pretty fast.

Yesterday, I was able to take the bandages off and start the next steps of healing. That shower felt AMAZING!!! I took an extra day off of work as there was still noticeable swelling in my left hand. That’s gone now (lots of ice pack sessions yesterday) and I’m wearing band aids over the stitches. Heading back to work today, light duty stuff, and will take it slow.

I noticed a few things I have to change today – like which hand I use to open the door to my car – but it’s not even been a week. These won’t heal overnight and I’d rather take it slow, do it right, than have things get worse.

On the plus side, my fingers haven’t misfired ONCE since Friday morning! Yay!

I’m back to typing normally, though not as fast. That’ll come with time. The weekend was limited time in my office, and a hunt & peck adventure on the keyboard. I got through it, though.

Do I regret it? No. My fingers are acting normally again, and that’s been a fight I’ve been waging for a year now. I’ve never been one to get upset about a scar, so not worried about that. Yes, I’ve got some vanity. There’s things that have to be perfect. However, I’m 53 years old. I would roller skate and twirl a baton at the same time in the street in front of our house growing up. I’ve fallen out of trees, almost shattered a kneecap from a bicycle crash, and cut a finger on the edge of a nail.

I’ve had life try to break me multiple times in dozens of ways – mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally – and I found a way to come back.

I’ve got scars that are red, raw, and deep that no human will ever see or understand.

A couple of new ones on my hands don’t bother me.

BB/Chan Eil Eagal Orm

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