Final hand check – I’m clear!

Tapestry hanging in Fa’side Castle, Scotland

Last Friday, it was time for my 6 week check up on my hands. They’re healing nicely! A little tightness/soreness will still crop up in the left, but nothing so bad that I need to take meds for it. I’ve not had any misfires since surgery! Dr. gave me a stretch to help the left out, said everything was on track for it to be perfectly normal within a few more weeks. Keep up with massaging the scars, use vitamin e oil on them, and stretch the one finger. He also said I didn’t need to come see him again unless something else goes wonky!

I mean, we might run into each other at the store, but no more clinic/office visits!

This has been a year-long odyssey for me, one I’m thrilled to put in the file that was 2020. I’m looking at free time and trying to balance writing with a small but impressive list of things I wanted to do or put off because my hands went wonky.

The list includes:

Tearing out the garbage disposal, cleaning it, and hoping that makes it work again. Those puppies are pricey and I don’t want to replace it if a good scrub takes care of the issue.

Power washing the grill & driveway.

Edging/trimming the yard.

Cleaning the cracks in the driveway of weeds, then sealing them.

Restoring the finish on the antique desk I found last summer. Replacing (or repairing) the veneer on the back.

Finish sewing a new cloak (for the record, it’s modeled off of one Thia’s given in ‘Scales & Stingers’ – I was gifted a bolt of the perfect color fabric so why not!).

Technically, the last one is a new project. Haha. I was given the fabric earlier this month. I’ve got it cut out and started, but my mind’s been scattered lately.

One thing that’s been dominating my free time is searching for a new job. Book sales for the one I have out are stagnant. My agent’s shopping books around, but no one’s been thrilled enough by the stories yet to offer a contract. And, well, I can’t support our family if something were to happen to my husband suddenly.

Oh, and I REALLY want out of retail.

I’m a creative, intelligent person. Retail is, sadly, a brain-numbing position. I’ve lost count of the number of customers who dismiss me as stupid, uneducated, and beneath them simply because I work retail. Add to it the multitude of selfish ones who think mask requirements don’t include them, or can’t understand that rules made by private companies don’t infringe on their rights, and it wears you down.

I’ve had conspiracy theories yelled at me. Been called names. One person even left ‘anti-mask’ literature behind ‘out of kindness’ since I wasn’t ‘smart enough’ to think for myself.

I am, thank you very much. And my research, my faith, my morals and ethics tell me that me wearing a mask is going to keep more than just me safe.

Chaos and change is in our home, too. One cat is in the cone of shame, and under house arrest, as he got into a fight and has a puncture wound on his forehead. The youngest heads back to college next week. The oldest has her first post-college job lined up and will be moving out again within the next 2 weeks.

My biggest stress relief besides writing is on hiatus. 3 of the Murder Hobos had life happen again, so there’s no D&D game for the next couple of months.

I miss my found family.

But, we will be back at the table soon enough. My books will find a home, get published. My kids and cats will be healthy and live the best lives they can.

My hands are healthy, and the last book of Thia’s story is being written.

I have to believe these things. It’s what keeps me sane, grounded, centered, and whole.

BB/Chan Eil Eagal Orm

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