Taking the win

Me and Muse

It’s been a crazy week for me.

For one, I started on anti-depressants. Lowest does possible, obviously, but I needed the help. I’m not suicidal. The only harm I do to others is in my books, to fictional characters. But a downward spiral made life 5,000 shades of not fun for about a week at a time. Over the next month, I should see that low become not as low. Which gives me the tools I need to deal with other stuff. It also means I’m less likely to spend hours playing solitaire instead of writing.

That was something else that was pretty cool about last week. I realized something that, honestly, I’m still in shock about.

In April of 2020, I started writing ‘Scales & Stingers’. At the time, I didn’t know it would be more than 1 book.

Finished it sometime that summer. Started book 2 (Shield & Scepter).

Took my time, because my hands went wonky. Finished it in June of 2021, before I had surgery to fix the wonkiness that was fixable.

Started book 3 (Sword & Soul).

I’m approximately 110 pages from finishing the full 1st draft. Given that the strike’s probably going into next month, I’ll finish it up sometime next month.

Each book is coming in over 90k words. I will have written an entire trilogy during the pandemic.

Holy shit. I accomplished this somehow.

My hope is that someone will want to publish it, and you’ll get the chance to read it soon. Depending on how many stupid people refuse to wear masks/get vaccinated, the pandemic may still be a problem by the time that happens for the first book.

I’m actually pretty damn proud of myself right now. I’m still proud of myself.

At this point, I’ve got the rest of the plot mapped out in my head. I also figured out another key piece of information (gotta love being a pantser) and the best way to get some of the backstory out to the reader without fuss. Will readers get all of the backstory that goes into that particular person? No. Not yet. It’s entirely possible that the whole story may be told in future books set in Avoch.

One thing that’s odd for me, but I may do over the next week because it’s on my brain, is that I may write the last 2-3 chapters out before I get to them. 1 is almost completely done. Due to decisions I’ve made since I wrote it (like 6 months ago), it needs tweaking. Editing. I know what follows. I know how it’s going to end. My mind is working dialogue out.

This isn’t normal for me because I tend to write linear. I rarely write an odd chapter and insert it where it belongs later. But book 1 began because there was a scene I couldn’t get out of my head that doesn’t appear until about halfway through the book. Book 3 did the same thing, only this time it was one of the last chapters.

I’m also less than 10 pages from sending it back to my betas. They get it every 100 pages. So, there’s that. I’m tempted to write those out, send it off, then write the end. Partially because then I know how many words/pages it is. Thus making it possible to know how much has to go between where I left them and where I want them to end up.

Today, though, is a gaming day. Per my counselor’s suggestion/request, I’m starting up the gaming group after a 6 month hiatus.

Tomorrow, I write some more, move closer to the end of Thia’s story.

BB/Chan Eil Eagal Orm

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