As of this morning, I’m no longer represented by Denise Barone.

The choice was mine. I made it back in November, emailed her in December. She is an amazing woman, who knows romance like the back of her hand. She taught me a lot about writing, and what it means to have an agent.

She’s someone I know will be thrilled for me as my career progresses, and deserving of a wonderful life full of laughter and success.

When we first went into the partnership (make no mistake – having an agent is a partnership), we went in knowing that she wasn’t that knowledgeable about the fantasy genre. It was going to be a learning curve for both of us.

We tried, with a few moments of hope, through two years of a pandemic. Sadly, I came to realize that we really weren’t meant to do this path as a team. It’s absolutely nothing against her.

So, what comes next? I’ll query some publishers on my own. Perhaps another agent or two, who are versed in the genre I write. See if I can get any nibbles at offers.

I do want to bring the Heroes of Avoch series to readers, and that’s what I’ll be querying. I won’t do this forever, though. I have a point in time set, in my own mind, where I’ll stop striving for traditional publishing and self publish the series.

Until then, I’ll keep writing. Keep editing. Keep sending out queries and submissions. Maybe post a teaser or three more on this website. Who knows? Maybe I’ll create a page here that’s exclusive for teasers on the series, etc.

This isn’t an end. It’s a chance to inhale, exhale, and start anew.

BB/Chan Eil Eagal Orm

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