Starting on page 1

Yep, I’m writing again.

It took me a few days to think about what the story arc would be, how to bring the characters together, what dynamic I wanted between them. There’s also some things that have to happen, given that ‘Heroes of Avoch’ will be up for sale by the time this one releases.

That’s the odd thing about being a pantser who writes a prequel. The narrative has to make sense with how the established canon – which hasn’t happened yet within the timeline – makes sense. Between wanting to get those constants set in my mind, and wanting to finish up a project at work that was irritating my carpal tunnel, it took time to start this one.

When will it be done? Dunno. I’m back to full-time at work. I’m gaming every other week. I have a family and friends who like spending time with me. I’ve got work still to do on ‘Scales & Stingers’ before it’s ready for release. I’m waiting for notes from my betas for ‘Sword & Soul’. That’ll need some attention before it gets sent into Creative James Media.

Basically, this one is a time filler for now. Something to keep my mind engaged, let me get the joy of creating the story while I wait for the others to demand my attention. When copy edits come back, or beta notes, I’ll put this aside. I could get three chapters written in the next week and not touch it again for a month.

And that’s okay.

I wrote all of ‘Heroes of Avoch’ in two years. That was with working, vacations, hands going to hell, surgery & recovery. That was with a pandemic, job changes, and major events for my offspring.

The last book won’t go up for sale until October of 2024. I’ve got time to finish this story.

BB/Chan Eil Eagal Orm

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