The Scotland Connection

Avoch, Black Isle, Scotland

Happy Saturday!

I’ve been BUSY. I finished up ‘Sword & Soul’ and sent it off to Creative James Media. ‘Scales & Stingers’ is almost through the copy/line edit phase. ‘Shield & Scepter’ is about to go to the content editor.

I’m gathering things I need for events. A new banner has to be designed and ordered, plus small giveaway bags. I wasn’t in a rush but I am now! Cole Street Game Vault in Enumclaw, WA is going to host a launch party for book 1 on March 15, 2023!!!!

Details as to time, etc, will come…and I’ll remind everyone. I’m more than a little excited to be able to get back out there, doing signings.

Now to let you in on a not so secret secret!

When I went to Scotland, I signed up to go see the dolphins that live in Moray Firth. The boat I took left from a small village on Black Isle. The name was Avoch.

Outside of the tour’s meet up point, nothing was open when I arrived. Still, I adored the town. Houses in neat rows, a rocky beach, a small stone bridge that went over a creek. There was a family of ducks swimming in the water that brought a smile to my face!


The entire trip, I soaked up every second I was awake. I memorized how spiral stairs in castles were laid out, and why. Noticed the differences between what once was and what is now. It was, in a lot of ways, a research trip.

A lot of those small experiences became part of Thia’s story. Part of the kingdom I named for that sleepy and perfect village I saw on a drizzly day.

Avoch may be a town in Scotland, but I honored its memory in Thia’s story.

BB/Chan Eil Eagal Orm

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