Snafus, technical difficulties, and knowing when to say no.

So, I had my first podcast interview earlier this week.  It was an absolute blast.  We did have a few technical difficulties towards the end of the podcast, but hats of to JengaJam’s crew for keeping things going while I was trying to come back.

Note to self:  If using your netbook for a podcast over Skype, make sure the auto updates feature is turned OFF, or all updates are dealt with PRIOR to logging into Skype.

If you missed the interview, you can listen to it here:  I also have another one coming up on June 29th.  I’ll be posting that information later.

So, I’m taking a trip later this super busy summer back to where I grew up.  Please note I didn’t say my hometown.  Home for me is wherever my husband and our daughters are, at least until they’ve grown up.  It’s not where I grew up, and it hasn’t been for over 20 years.  I know several people who love the whole small town, isolated farming community.  I’m just not one of them.  There is something about that town, that area, that sends my senses into a full on fight or flight mode.  I think it’s wonderful for all those who still live in the area.  They love it, and it suits them very well.  I may visit on the rare occasion, but I’m always happy to have it in my rear view mirror.

But I digress.  Anyway, my mom got me in touch with a local book store.  The thought was to set up a signing of ‘Daughter of Hauk’ while I was in town.  The manager and I emailed each other a few times, and I finally got the ok for the session.  We’d settled on a date and time and all that.  She’d even sent me a media file so I could write up press releases for the area and possibly get more coming in.

Then, she dropped the bomb.  It seems the owner checked and Solstice wasn’t a publisher their distributor dealt with.  As such, they needed a 40% discount on my book before I could have them in the store.

Um, no.  I’m not signing books that I’m not getting royalties on.  You’re not making a profit at my expense. 

Yes, I’m irritated.  Personally, I think the manager should’ve put everything on hold until she checked with the owner.  It’s just not right to set things up and then tell the author, “Oh, by the way, we need you to agree to sell your books to us at such a deep discount that you won’t make any money just so we can.”

Fantasium Comics, in Federal Way, where I’m doing my signing on August 25th, understands we both should be making money.  I absolutely adore Paula. 

And the other store?  Well, they can do business any way they choose to.  But that doesn’t mean I plan on participating in it. 

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