Such a fun week to be had!

It’s been a great week so far (yeah for Monday!).  Much better than last week, when I was starting to wonder which God/dess I’d managed to get peeved at me.

At least there wasn’t much protest when the dishwasher died about helping me do the dishes until the new one arrived, though I think our daughters were happier to see it than I was.

Solstice has its own blog, and they’re going to be doing promotions for free books, etc!  Check it out at This week, they’ve started a contest with drink recipes from the authors!  You can vote for your favorite (mine’s up already – Smurf Blood!), and you may just walk away with a free book!  They’ve got a lot of plans for the blog, so keep an eye on it. 

This friday (6/29), I’ll be on Authors on the Air!  The podcast begins at 12:30 pdt/3:30 pm edt.  Pam and Ann are wonderful folks, so tune in and listen if you’ve got the time!

Summer has begun in our house.  Both my girls are now out of school, and the mad rush of activities has begun.  So, naturally, I woke up this morning wanting to write.  Have a few more small things I have to take care of, and then seeing how far I can get before I have to pick the oldest up from volleyball camp.  My family’s awesome about giving me time to write, and the space when I’m in the zone. 

I got one of the greatest compliments from a friend that I greatly admire the other day.  She said that she’d seen such a change in me since I started to write four years ago.  I’ve gone from someone who was extremely unsure of what they were doing to absolutely brimming with confidence.  As she put it, I’ve finally found my Calling and embraced it this time.

My advice to the rest of you:  Don’t wait to embrace it.  Find the courage to ignore both the internal and external voices that make you doubt your passion, and follow that Call!

Hope to hear from some of you during the show on Friday!

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