Establishing good writing/promotional/work habits (I hope)

Good morning everyone!

I hope you had a great week.  Ours was fairly relaxed.  One of the few we have this summer.

I spent a couple of days last week rearranging/cleaning my office.  I changed the flow of energy in here, made it easier for me to see some artwork on my wall that inspires me (normally) to write and/or submit to publishers.  Goddess knows I’ve needed help over the last few years for both of those!

A writer I’ve admired for years, Nick Pollotta, often tells writers to establish good work habits.  Office hours, in which you write every day.  He’s told me to approach this as a job, not a hobby, and make time to write as I would any other job.

So, my new goal is to do this.  Mondays are good days for me to write blog updates, and most of my promotional things (twitter, FB, etc) I can do either in the mornings or evenings.  With the exception of the days I go grocery shopping, I can get EVERYTHING I need to do around the house (my exercise walk, dishes, laundry, etc) done prior to 10 am. 

I’m thinking I need to train myself to ignore email/stay offline and write from 10 am to 3 pm.  With the exception of things like getting my kids to/from appointments and doing the grocery shopping once a week, that is.

Now all I have to do is implement the plan.  Easier said than done, I fear!

As a side note, my first reading/signing event is closing in FAST!!!!!!!!  It’s just under 6 weeks away, on August 25th, and Paula needs to know who is coming!  Get in touch with her at to reserve your spot.  C’mon, guys!  You know you want to watch me flounder my way through this!  LOL

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