Making sense of the senseless

Good morning, everyone.

Well, it’s Monday and I’m making a blog post.  That much of my new work habit seems to have stuck.  Still working on the other parts.

Saturday, my husband and I went to watch a good gaming friend get married.  Congratulations to them both!  Afterwards, we met up with some other gaming friends and hung out at a local restaurant/bar.  We were all laughing pretty hard by the end of the night.  It was necessary.

Sunday, he and I went to see ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ in IMAX.  I loved it.  Not giving away anything to those who haven’t seen it yet!  But I will say it was the perfect way to end Christopher Nolan’s vision for the character.

I had someone ask me on FB, privately, how I could go see the movie after what happened in Colorado.  I did it because I don’t like being afraid of ‘what if’.  I spent too much of my younger years (can’t really say youth at my age!) being afraid.  Those who died were there because they wanted to go, not because they knew someone would charge in and begin to shoot.

There’s nothing to say to make sense of what happened.  Bad stuff happens to good people, both in fiction and reality.  What you need to decide is if you want that fear of ‘what if’ to rule your life or not.

I got tired of it running my life about four years ago, when I was writing “Daughter of Hauk”. I realized I was more terrified of a publisher telling me yes than no.  I expected the rejections.  And I did not want my daughters to have those same fears.

Tenatively, I started to share my novel with an online writers group I’d found.  Was it completely praised and such?  Nope.  But the members refused to let me give up because I was afraid, they encouraged me to branch out, learn, expand.  And submit.

Here I sit, on a Monday morning, knowing I have to fold some laundry and get my daughter up soon before I start writing. 

And I’m using my writing as therapy once again, to make sense of the senseless.


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