Moving forward

Ok, so I’m a day late this week.  I’ve started to do some proofreading, so I spent yesterday working on my first assigned book. 

Last Friday, I sat down with a wonderful gentleman with our local paper as he interviewed me for an article on my book!  The article comes out on August 10th, and he said he’d make sure it was online as well, so look for the link!  We’re going to be on vacation starting the 11th, so my post may be early so you all can see the article before I go somewhat unplugged.

I’m hosting some fellow Solstice authors soon, as well.  I should have an interview with one later this week, plus a guest blog post next week.  Keep watching!

I think I’m finally getting somewhat comfortable with talking with people about my book.  The reporter was great at putting me at ease, and I think I’m finally getting comfortable with the public persona part of all this.  There’s a difference between being confident and able to converse about your work, and being an egomaniac who wants to do nothing else.  I’ve got plenty of friends who have volunteered to smack me alongside the head and reset my brain if the ego starts getting too big!  I think authors have it easier than other creative types (actors, for example) only because you don’t get as readily recognized in public when you’re an author.  The hours are just as long, but we need to be approachable.  To a point, that is.  I’m rather protective of people knowing exactly where I live, for example.  Mainly because it’s a nice neighborhood and our neighbors would prefer not to have fans knocking at their door asking if they know me.

I’m certainly NOT at that level of fame yet.  I don’t know that ‘Daughter of Hauk’ has even sold 100 copies yet.  But, it’s better to establish the boundries now than to have them blurred later.  Plus, the article coming out will have a photograph of me.  I just might get recognized in the grocery store now.

Hehe…a friend of mine recommended I get a t-shirt that said, “I’m not the author you’re looking for” and wear it on days I just want to be left alone.

Nah, I’d rather be approachable and gain a reputation of being a decent person to any fans that recognize me.  I’ve had a few sales in the U.K, which was an interesting feeling.  And dealing with the fans is part of this journey.

A journey I asked to go on the moment I submitted my manuscript.


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