Time to go back to work!


Well, we survived vacation.  Though I’m not sure I want to drive my van much this week.  I’ve sat in it enough lately!

The newspaper article hasn’t come out yet.  Newest update I had was this Friday (8/24).  I keep hoping!

It’s been an interesting week already, and I’m doing some deep breathing and centering so I don’t let my nerves run away with me.

Last night, I had a remarkable conversation with June Miyasaki.  Fourty five minutes on the phone with the woman producing the audiobook for ‘Daughter of Hauk’.  If I wasn’t excited about the project before then, I am now.  I feel very lucky in being paired with someone who enjoyed reading the book and wants to do it justice in the audio version.

Friday, the article’s supposed to come out.  I hope so, since the signing is on Saturday.  The reporter’ll have to edit that part out if it gets pushed back again.

I had a bit of a stuffy nose last night.  Summer colds are the worst!  I’m planning on lots of fluids, decongestants, and rest.  The last thing I need on Saturday is to be sniffling as I sign books!

Pictures will be posted of the event on Monday, I promise!  

My new computer is here, and has been great to work on.  I’m still adjusting the desktop and fiddling with settings. Writing will begin in earnest again tonight.  So many things still need to happen before my girls go back to school.  The last two and a half weeks of summer are on us, and it seems like we’re trying to do a lot in a little amount of time.

Time to carve out a few hours and get back to work.


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