A good way to start the day

Well, it’s out.  My local paper had my face in it.  There’s a stack of them on our table, waiting to be handed out or mailed to friends and family.

Still not sure if I’m ready to have people recognize me in the stores, but too late for that now.  A writing friend, Tony, has advised me to carry a sharpie at all times.

How does one go from being a start struck admirer to the admiree?  Am I really any different now than I was yesterday, last month, last year?  In some ways, yes.  I have more confidence in myself now.  I’m not as afraid to let people know what I do for a living (or, what I’m trying to do – still haven’t broken 100 books sold).  I’ve learned enough about needing a public face to be able to slip into one at a moment’s notice if I need to.

Tomorrow’s my book signing.  The first of many, I hope.  The nerves are kicking in already.  I’m having a girl’s night in with some friends tonight.  Partially because I can, and partially because everyone coming knows how to boost my courage a little bit, in different ways.  Not inflate my ego to the point I’m unbearable, mind you.  Several of them are very good at deflating it if it’s out of hand.  More that they know how to keep me centered, grounded, and give me some of their strength to smile past the butterflies in my stomach.  A few, fellow writers, have admitted to living vicariously through me.  I’m doing what every writer wants to do, meet fans.  They just need a little more push in the right direction to get there with me.

By the way, here’s the link for those who want to read the article:  http://www.auburn-reporter.com/community/167129045.html

I’ll let you all know how the signing went!


2 thoughts on “A good way to start the day

  1. Inspire courage or deflate ego? I hope that I have done the first and will never have to worry about the second getting out of hand. I will always be the one that can say, I knew you when… LOL There have been some gaps in our timeline, i’m glad that our friendship has survived and grown over the years.
    Do you think I can convince Jen to let me be one of her Beta readers??? : )

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