Moving forward

Well, I survived my first signing/reading event.  It wasn’t a huge affair, and I’m fine with that.  It takes time to develop a following, cultivate a fan base where people will put you on the calendar as an event in their lives.

I met this wonderful gentleman by the name of Josh, who interviewed me for the store newsletter.  I’ll post a link when I have one.

I got a scrapbook and some paper on Sunday.  The last thing I wanted, whether this writing takes off or not, was to lose the articles that’ve come out in print thus far.  If I never get another book in print, I’ll at least be able to flip through this and remember my brief moment in the spotlight.

So, this week is incredibly busy with kid activities and such.  If any writing is to be accomplished, it’ll be in spurts.   An hour here, an hour there.  We’ll see where I get.

Oh!  Keep an eye out!  I’m going to run a promotion on FB for a week in September!  For every time I hit 100 likes on my author page (currently around 42), I’ll be giving away an ebook version of ‘Daughter of Hauk’.  If I can reach 500, I’ll also give out a paperback version.

Here’s the link to my FB page.  Yes, you can like it now and have a shot at the giveaway!

I’ll let you know which week I do the promotion.  Won’t be until September 10th at the earliest!  


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