Well, it happened

Well, it happened.  Twice.  Last week, I was recognized by two separate people from the article in the local newspaper.

One was another parent at the Lego Camp my youngest daughter was going to.  She looked at me a bit askance the first day, then asked where she knew me from the next day.  It seems her oldest and mine took the same karate class years ago.  And she hadn’t thought about it until she saw the article in the paper.  She knew the face, but was having trouble placing it.

The other was the mother of one of my oldest daughter’s friends.  We ran into them at high school orientation.  The first thing she said was, “Nice article!”.  She’s rather active in local politics, as well, so she and I briefly discussed the pros and cons of being in the paper.

My husband said I’d officially become a minor celebrity.  My reply was that I think I’d made the ‘x’ list of celebrity status.  Lol

This past Saturday, we spent the day at PAX.  I went to a couple of panels, we wandered the exhibition halls, learned what we wanted to do next year and what we could avoid without feeling we’d missed out.  We met up with some of our gaming friends for dinner.  One was commenting on how she’d seen someone she thought of as a celebrity and didn’t know how to approach him so she just let him walk on by.  That’s when I said I was now on the other side of that coin, never sure what some stranger would say to me now.  

A friend of mine works at a local grocery store that I shop at often.  She purposefully left the paper up in the break room open to the page with the article on me.  She told me she’d seen several co-workers pointing at the picture and saying they recognized me.  I’ll admit to taking a deep breath and making sure my public face is ready before I walk in the store, now.  

Still deciding when to do the FB giveaway…stay tuned!


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