A busy day!

Wow…it’s been a busy day today already.  I almost forgot to make my weekly post!

Mostly, I’ve been dealing with a lot of non-writing stuff. Our kitten, Casper, had an appointment early this morning to get neutered. He’s back home and a bit calmer than normal for him. We didn’t nickname him ‘Tornado’ for no reason! It might be some leftover anesthesia or pain meds. We will wait and see if he leaves the fifteen year old cat alone now.

Writing is progressing forward. Some days I get more done than others. The weather’s turned, we even had hail this weekend, making me want to curl up under a shawl and put my characters in a desert just for the warm thoughts! 

The biggest thing I fight this time of year isn’t sickness. It’s being lazy with my writing. More days than not, in the fall and winter, I want to curl up under a blanket, grab a hot beverage, and get lost in a movie or book. I’ve got to do better this year. 


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