Stay safe (and sane)!

I’ve been very distracted today. Most of my day was spent talking with a good friend, a doctor’s appointment, and watching CNN coverage of the ‘frankenstorm’.

Please, please, if you live within the massive path this storm is carving, stay safe! Back up the important stuff on your computer, put the pictures and important things into bins and up high, and leave if the authorities advise you to do so. Things can be replaced, people can’t.

I found myself in a small dark space last week. I began to question my skill as a storyteller, my ability to capture the magic again of having a story all but write itself. So, I turned to my writing Big Brother for words of wisdom. He was wonderfully supportive, cluing me in that just about every writer gets into a funk where they think every word they’ve ever written was a piece of junk. It helped to hear I wasn’t the only one struggling with those emotions.

I found it strange that we find comfort in hearing others have gone through something we’re struggling with, yet you feel so alone when the doubts descend. 

So, if you’re in the path of Sandy and feeling alone, know that many are thinking of you. Even if we’ve never met, I would not wish harm to you.


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