There’s always room to improve and learn.

It’s Monday! The weather’s icky, three of the four of us are fighting our first cold of the season, the kids are home from school today, and I’ll spend at least two hours today doing the grocery shopping.

My writing Big Brother shared something on FaceBook this morning, and I’m encouraging ANYONE who is a writer or attended a convention of ANY kind to read it. It’s a wealth of information we all need to remember.

Someone recently asked me to help them with a cover letter and bio for a submission. I have no problem with this whatsoever. Those are some of the most daunting tasks a writer has to face, and we ALL have to do them. By helping her, I’m polishing my own skills. Just because I have a publisher now doesn’t guarantee that they’ll want the next book I submit. Or renew my contract when it’s up. Sales are a big part of what drives a publisher. They can like me as a person all they want. If my book doesn’t generate revenue, there’s no reason why they should keep me.

Learning never stops. I’m never going to reach a point where I can just spew words onto a page and know they’re perfect without sending it through beta readers and editing prior to submitting it. You always learn something new, improve on what was written. Indeed, one of the hardest things to do is to say to yourself, “This story is as good as I can get it. It’s time to submit it.” The urge to tweak, revise, rework just one more scene never goes away.

I’m still thinking about the reviewing idea. I need to put together my own criteria of what I would be willing to review, and how. Not to mention I’m still learning my way around here! I want to make a separate area for requests, reviews, and what my guidelines are. 

The washer is done, the dishwasher is ready to be loaded, and the cat box needs to be scooped. Once that’s all done, it’s going to be time to head to the store and get the food to feed the house for another week. My fingers are itching today. 

This is not a bad thing for me, or my readers. My characters might disagree, though. LOL


One thought on “There’s always room to improve and learn.

  1. I’m a paid reviewer for a publication. The upside is that I get sent stuff I might never have found otherwise, and a lot of it is great. The downside is that I have to review anything they send! 😉

    I suggest, if you want to review, do so in more than one genre. I reviewed for several years for a mystery publication, and I burned out on the genre — didn’t read it for several years. It’s now back to being one of my favorites, but I think either choosing several genres, or designating certain months for certain genre submissions would be a consideration.

    My two cents!

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