Names, names, names

Naming characters is a tough business!

Get it right, and the name resonates through every thing you have them do and the reader remembers them.

Get it wrong, and they’ll be forgotten or regulated to ‘you know – what’s his name that did x, y and z’.

I’m working on ‘Son of Corse’ today (sequel to ‘Daughter of Hauk’). There’s one name I’ve already used that I don’t like and need to change. It doesn’t fit with the rest of the names in the book. I’ve also got two more male names that will be coming up, one sooner than the other.

Does anyone have suggestions? Keep in mind, this is a fantasy. The name I don’t like is Erik…just not fantasy-ish enough. 

Here’s some examples of the male names from DoH and thus far in SoC for a reference: Hauk, Joss, Senyan, Lu’Thare, Corse, Barek, Hugh, Bohrs, Ramberti, Anthones, Diel.

I may even send the ‘winning’ suggestion a pdf of ‘Daughter of Hauk’…..

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