Doing what must be done, not just what you want to do

I’m tired this morning. Partially because I worked an eight hour shift at my temp job, and partially because I didn’t sleep really good. A nap will probably be put on the agenda somewhere today.

While I have today off, I’m not sure how much writing I’ll get done. As always, there seems to be a long list of things that ‘have’ to get done first. Dishes, laundry, straightening up around the house. I freely admit there are some chores I put off as long as possible. But they’re still in the back of my head, nudging me.

The need to write is just that. I NEED to do it. When I’m under the spell of my muse, it’s everything I can do to pry myself away from my keyboard. Even when I’m driving our daughters to school, my fingers will be itching to feel the keys beneath them. I live for the feeling.

Other days, it’s a struggle. I can’t quite get the dialogue down, or the scene just right. My mind wants to do something, ANYTHING, besides write. Those are the days when the deep scrubbing of the house takes place, or I spend more time playing computer games than anything productive.

If you’ve read anything of ‘Daughter of Hauk’, you know I write a very detailed way. I love to hear the crackle of the fire, the smell of the trees, and the sound of waves lapping on the side of a boat. We don’t live in a silent, colorless world and I don’t want to read a book that exists in such a place either. We react to the environment around us on a daily basis. And so our characters should, and our readers through them. This is probably why I do my best writing when I’m in the zone. When I have that clear mental image of everything around the characters, when I can become that proverbial fly on the wall that eavesdrops on their conversation, so can my readers.

And, I hope, they like it.

Later this week, I’ll be doing some guest blogging! Once I get the links, I’ll share them here. Have a terrific post-Thanksgiving week!


One thought on “Doing what must be done, not just what you want to do

  1. Real life mundane always seams to try and get in the way of fun things…the real is so much more boring then the LIFE.

    Fortunately laundry is quick. 😉

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