Happy Holidays!

First off, I’d like to wish all my followers a joyous season and I hope whatever holiday you celebrate, you are able to do so with much happiness!

Last week, well, let’s just say I got a couple of gifts before the Solstice!

The first was being named to the Top 100 Authors on Facebook! The list is compiled by Ron Knight and UP Authors. I came in at #66! Considering Mr. Knight interacts with approximately 8,000 authors a day on FB, making the list the same year my book debut is an amazing honor. I’m still alternating between grinning and being in complete awe. I don’t recall what was going on the time I wrote his selected quote for me (“Time for some mindless entertainment!”), but I remember writing it. Check out the entire list, his criteria, etc, here:  http://www.upauthors.com/?p=3980

Solstice has set up a monthly newsletter for my readers, too! Click on this link, http://store.solsticepublishing.com/katemarie-collins/ , then follow the link on the page to sign up. It’s only going out once a month (I blog more than that! LOL), so you won’t be getting an email barrage about me.

And my OEC (Obsessive Email Checking) is back into full swing. Last week, my stand alone fantasy novel, “Lily”, went off to submissions. I know I won’t hear anything until the end of January, but hope springs eternal and all that. 

Sending “Lily” off gave me chills. If it’s accepted, I won’t be just a flash in the pan, one hit wonder, or fluke author. Two books out with my name on them, well, that gives me some sense that I’m better than I think. Maybe I can keep the momentum going. 

Maybe people actually enjoy reading my words.

Just under three weeks left on the holiday retail job. I know my marketing/promotional work has suffered for being on the clock for the last five weeks or so. While I probably spent two, maybe three, hours a week on FB, Twitter, etc trying to promote ‘Daughter of Hauk’, get interviews, etc, finding that time has been difficult. 

Oh! And if you need that perfect, last minute gift for someone today…Amazon does allow you to give ebooks as gifts! Take a look at the right side of the screen and click on the ‘Give as a gift’ button to see how easy it is.


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