A New Year Comes

Happy new year, everyone!

I’ll say this much, I’m far more optimistic today than I was at this time last year. 2012 was an amazing year for me. Even now, almost a year after signing with Solstice Publishing, I find myself replaying moments about that in my mind. Telling my friends and family and basking in their excitement for me. Even if I never get another contract, I’ll have had the memories from this release to keep me writing.

The seasonal retail job is almost over. I have four more shifts over the next week, the last one being January 7th. None of them are super long (all are under 5 hours), which my feet will appreciate. 

Of all the good that came to me last year, I’m most thankful for those of you who either bought and read my book or follow my blog. Knowing there are people out there who took a chance on a new author or simply like the words I put here each week is humbling. May I live up to your expectations in 2013!

My OEC (Obsessive Email Checking) has come to me again. I know it may be weeks yet before I hear anything about “Lily”, yet I keep my writing email account open all day long. “Daughter of Hauk” is being read by one of my favorite reviewers, Gary Henry, currently. I’m both excited and nervous to hear what he has to say about it! 

Why nervous? Because every author would go back and tweak at least one section of their book, even after it’s in print. The urge to fiddle with it, add or delete words, play with scenes…it never goes away.

So, thank you for following me. Thank you again if ‘Daughter of Hauk’ is on your Kindle, Nook, computer, or bookshelf. And may 2013 be good to us all.


One thought on “A New Year Comes

  1. Isn’t that the truth? No matter how great our editors, or how carefully we work on the galleys, by the time it comes out, there’s always something we’d like to change!

    Happy New Year!

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