No Rest for the Wicked!

Now, I don’t know that I necessarily qualify as wicked…LOL

I had an incredible weekend at a SCA event, where I was being the Merchant Steward. Basically, I was the go-to person for the merchants on site. Helped them get set up, tear down, all that fun stuff. Heard good things, almost everyone went home happy. The guy who had to call a tow truck when his car wouldn’t start probably wasn’t, but he got a good driver 🙂 The guy even helped load up his vehicle with his pavilion, etc.

I was gifted with some pretty earrings and a necklace by the Baron and Baroness in charge of the event for my work. It’s a wonderful feeling to know your time and energy were worth something.

That same thought can be applied to books. Dedications are very personal for me, something that I can use to single out an individual or two for a contribution to either the book or my life that has had a great impact on me. It’s a public way to make a personal thank you.

Acknowledgements have a place, too. While I didn’t have those in my first two books, they’re going to start showing up. A good editor or cover artist can make a huge difference in a book, and deserves to be thanked for their time and effort.

Writing is a solitary craft. We sit at our keyboards, or desks with pen and paper in front of us, and create worlds. Taking it from that humble start to a completed novel that anyone in the world can enjoy is a group effort.

Next time you open a new book, take a few moments to read the dedication and acknowledgements. There are some true heroes listed in there. The names may not mean much to you, but they’re people that are very dear to the heart of the author. 


2 thoughts on “No Rest for the Wicked!

  1. Loved your newsletter. I’m one of those readers who read the dedications and acknowledgements. It’s so nice to see the appreciation from the Authors for the help others have done to make your work complete. Good luck in all of your writings! 🙂

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