Updates and info you may want to read

I know, it’s Tuesday! This is what happens when you realize you meant to add things to your Monday blog post and spaced them!

I’ll also be posting again tomorrow, as part of a blog scavenger hunt!

So, what’s so important I couldn’t wait another week to tell you all? It’s a couple of things.

As you may remember, a few months ago I was offered the absolutely amazing opportunity to start my own blogtalk radio show online. I spent a lot of time thinking about it last weekend, and I’ve passed on hosting for now. The timing isn’t right. Our daughters are now in middle school and high school, and the schedule is getting more and more unpredictable. And full. Weekends are quickly becoming the only real family time we have. I’m super busy with work for Solstice (submissions for Shadows are picking up!), plus writing and promoting my own work. Pam, the host of Authors on the Air, was incredibly understanding. I may guest host for her now and then, so keep a watch out for those announcements! But I’m not ready for a show of my own. Yet.

The other thing is to let anyone who hasn’t gotten a copy of ‘Daughter of Hauk’ yet, but have a Nook and/or prefer Smashwords over Amazon, to go get it soon. I’m going to enroll DoH in Amazon’s Prime program next week (probably July 1st). When I do that, it has to come down off of the other sites and be exclusive to Amazon. Why would I do this? I get more sales from Amazon than anywhere else. 

‘Mark of the Successor’ will remain on all sites, and I’ll be listing ‘Son of Corse’ on all of them as well. I’m probably going to put a title on all the sites Solstice sells through for the first year they’re out, then move them over to Amazon only. So, if you own a Nook, I recommend you go pick up a copy!

I think that brings you up to speed. Don’t forget the ‘like’ contest on my FB page! https://www.facebook.com/pages/KateMarie-Collins/217255151699492?ref=hl

I’m at 367 likes now…at 375, I’m posting the cover for ‘Son of Corse’!!!!!!! At 400, you’ll get treated to an entire page from the book!!!!


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