Welcome Mike Robinson fans!

Woot! I got new people visiting today!

For those of you who don’t know who Mike is, you’re missing out. His novel, ‘Skunk Ape Semester’ is amazing! Just read the blurb!

Zoology professor Jeremy Fishleder is an avid Bigfoot researcher, his passion sparked long ago by an encounter with Florida’s “skunk ape” during his childhood. He teaches a special interest class on the study of these weird entities, called cryptozoology, until the university cancels it. 
Looking to make a change in his life, he goes on sabbatical and plans a trip around the country to visit areas of strange repute and meet other people who study the various phenomena, using a van stocked with files and maps supplied to him by a fellow paranormal investigator. 
Three students decide to join him, and together the four of them travel from place to place, and story to story, meeting characters both level headed and eccentric and, in seeking out accounts of Bigfoot, Chupacabras, UFOs, goblins and lake monsters, they discover more about themselves and one another. 
As the stories come together, they are drawn face to face with the mysterious.

Mike’s not just a great writer, he’s a terrific person. 

Now, onto the scavenger hunt portion of this post!



Happy haunting!


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