School’s back and I’ve been feeling lazy!

The day I’ve been waiting for since mid-June happened last week. My daughters went back to school. The nice thing is our girls really like school, as well, and both were as ready as I was for it to get going again.

While I’ve been waiting for this to happen, my mind has been filled with how nice it’ll be to have my routine back. Be able to get my Solstice hours in and write. Crank the stereo without looks of ‘not that cd again’. And get back to what I love doing.

Reality hit.

I do this every year. I dream about how nice it’s going to be, then spend the first few days just reveling in having the house to myself. I find things around here that need to be done, movies I want to watch, or errands that need to be run.

The good news is this sense of relaxed days goes away pretty fast. I was up early this morning, working away. Writing this post is helping. Almost done with what needed my attention today with Solstice, which means time this afternoon to do some promoting or writing.

After all, Arwenna’s story isn’t quite done yet.


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