Chasing the Muse

I think things have finally settled into the normal routine again around here. Everyone’s now remembering to make lunches, get up on time, and catch the bus. 

Now, if only my muse would come sit a spell, things would be great!

That’s one of the hardest parts of being an author. Either learning how to write when you’re not inspired (which can be painful for both me and my readers), or trying to find that zone. The one where the words flow, the images in my head are moving in fast forward, and time outside of the world I’m creating stops.

I love being in the zone. I really do. I have yet to meet an author who doesn’t. It’s addictive. Because you completely forget about the world around you for a few hours. You don’t care if bills need to get paid, the dog wants out, or if there’s a salesman knocking at your door. You’re in a place that’s so unique, one you can mold and shape to your own ideas. Heck, sometimes I don’t even realize how stiff my back gets!

My muse is there, at the edges of my mind. She hasn’t gone far. I really don’t know what she’s waiting for, but I know she’s going to creep into my mind soon. My fingers will begin to itch, my eyes will close of their own volition, and Arwenna’s world will once again spring to life.


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