Everyone give a warm welcome to guest blogger, Josie Montano!

Yeah! It’s been a busy day, and I get to cap it off with a visit from Josie Montano!

In case you’re wondering, Josie is a Solstice author whose new book released recently.



Intrigued yet? Here’s a little more.

Nonna sat me down to have a talk before my party. “You know Angelina, it’s now ten years since you Mamma e Papa is dead.” She looked down at the floor and makes the sign of the cross. “Ten years dat you live wit Nonno and me.”

Get on with it, Nonna. I’ve got to do my nails and shave for tonight.

“You growing up to look just like you mamma. She was beautiful…” Nonna looks over at the twenty-framed photos of my mother (I can never understand why there’s not just one or two) and she starts to cry. I’m not too sympathetic at this stage. I’ve seen this act before and she rehearses it every time she wants something from me.

“It’s time Angelina! Time for you to tink of you future, time to tink about settle down.”

What! Settle down? I haven’t even settled up yet! What’s she talking about? I haven’t even finished high school and have my whole life ahead of me.

Then she goes on. “Dere is dis nice boy … ”

Oh, so this is what she’s on about! The old Italian matchmaking machine is rearing its head. They can’t help themselves. Zia Giulia, my auntie, told me about when Nonna tried this on her. She said that Nonna and one of her friends had got it into their heads to match mate their kids, and then went and set up a meeting without telling her. Poor Zia Giulia came home from work one afternoon and what did she find waiting for her at the dining-room table but this geek of a guy, an Italian woman (his mother) and Nonna, all sitting there in silence.

Zia Giulia got immediate revenge. She raced straight upstairs to her room, changed into the skankiest clothes she had, piled on heavy make-up and walked back downstairs, gave Nonna a kiss told said she was off to meet David, her boyfriend (she didn’t have a boyfriend!). Nonna nearly died – not from shock, but from shame and embarrassment! Must’ve worked ‘cause Zia Giulia never saw the geek or his mother ever again.

Anyhow back to Nonna.

“Dere is dis nice boy … he lives in anudder town and from very good family.” She looks at me, nodding and waiting for my reaction.

I look back at her and just say, “Hmmm … and?”

            “Well, his nonna say is time he settle down with nice gal.”

I add,            “So…?”

            “So, his name is Guglielmo Bertolini, we would like introduce you togedder.”

            “Forget it, Nonna,” I say angrily, “I just turned sixteen this very minute and you already want me married!”



And here’s some information on Josie herself:

Josie is an award-winning author of over 40 books. She has been internationally published and writes fiction under the name of MONTANO and non-fiction resources on Asperger Syndrome under the pseudonym of SANTOMAURO.
From age nine Josie annoyed her librarian by shelving her self-published books for borrowing and being the most diligent library monitor there was! She then went on to receive her first rejection letter from Golden Books at age thirteen. But that didn’t stop her, decades later – finally she has ‘real’ published books on those shelves!
Josie draws on her varied life experiences to help her with her writing, interesting experiences such as being involved in a bank robbery, working within the primary school environment, surviving cancer, growing up within an Italian community, winning the major prize on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and as a volunteer member of the State Emergency Services.
She loves coffee, chocolate, amateur theatre, going to the movies, and being silly, witty and humorous.

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