Last Monday with…Rebecca Frencl!

Good morning, everyone! And welcome to the last Monday of March! Today, I'm honored to host Rebecca Frencl. Grab a chair, say hello, and find out something about this amazing author.1. What’s the title of your latest release? Link?a. My latest Solstice release is Ascent of the Fallen. It’s mostly a paranormal romance, urban fantasy. … Continue reading Last Monday with…Rebecca Frencl!

‘Fin’s Magic’ has released!!!!!!!!!

So excited and I had to share! We went ahead and released 'Fin's Magic'!!!!!!  Links are below....really excited about this one. It was fun to write, and hopefully you'll all enjoy reading it! Amazon: BB

Randomness on a Wednesday!

I know...I know...but there's been so much that's happened in the last few days that I can't keep quiet!Cover came back for the new book on Sunday! Check it out!Not only is the cover done...THE PRESALE HAS STARTED!!!!!!!!!!!!! now, it's scheduled to release on April 15. If it releases earlier, you'll know! Because I'll be … Continue reading Randomness on a Wednesday!

Everyone give a warm welcome to guest blogger, Josie Montano!

Yeah! It's been a busy day, and I get to cap it off with a visit from Josie Montano!In case you're wondering, Josie is a Solstice author whose new book released recently. Intrigued yet? Here's a little more.Nonna sat me down to have a talk before my party. “You know Angelina, it’s now ten years since … Continue reading Everyone give a warm welcome to guest blogger, Josie Montano!