New year, new job, new links, new post!

Wow. What a change a single year can contain.

In 2013, I had an incredible year. A total of five books released under my own name, plus two short stories included in an anthology. A new job. Less of me (weight wise), interviews, and so much more.

So, what’s got 2014 in store for me? Well, I have a new job. I was promoted to Chief Operating Officer at Solstice, effective Jan. 1. Basically, now I oversee all the EIC’s we have and help keep things running smoothly so that our CEO can concentrate on growing the brand.

One of the things I did right off, and am still working on, is moving our various books to the line they should be associated with. Solstice actually has five lines. We’re in the process of making them unique.

Solstice Shadows is going to carry all our fantasy/scifi/paranormal/horror titles. Which means all of my titles have been moved over to that account. And that also means all the links for the ebooks have changed.

Just to help expedite things, here’s a list of the updated links!

Amazon – Kindle/Daughter of Hauk:



Amazon – Kindle/Son of Corse:



Amazon – Kindle/Mark of the Successor:



Amazon – Kindle/Kick the Can:



Amazon – Kindle/The Strength Within:


Amazon – Kindle/Looking At The Light:


Amazon – Kindle/A Stab at the Dark:



Amazon – Paperback/Daughter of Hauk:


Amazon – Paperback/Mark of the Successor:


Amazon – Paperback/Son of Corse:


Audio Book:

For those who watch my writings closely, you’ll notice a few books that are new! I released both of the anthology collections just before the end of 2013! Sometime next year, we’re going to combine them into a single print book, too.

So, what’s next for me? Well, I’ll be in the Portland, Oregon area Feb. 6-8. I’m going to prison. LOL. Not for crime.  A book club comprised of inmates of a women’s institution has been reading ‘Mark of the Successor’ and invited me to come in and talk with them. I’m really looking forward to the trip!

‘Fin’s Magic’ is done. Or, I thought it was. I’m getting ideas for a companion novel about Alaric and his story. What will probably happen is they will release individually as ebooks, but be combined for a print version. 

I hope 2014 is a good one for all of us!


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