The truth about appearances

Good morning!

Wow. I’m feeling like I’ve accomplished something here. It’s Monday morning, and I’m writing my blog. I really do want to get back to doing this every week, and life is being accommodating.

There’s something truly terrifying about doing a public appearance as an author. It’s not much different than stage fright, really. Here’s a situation where people are coming just to meet you, talk with you, ask you questions about the story you wrote. And you really don’t want to disappoint them.

In 11 days, I have the opportunity to chat with a book club about ‘Mark of the Successor’. While the participants may be inmates, it doesn’t bother me. They still read, think, and I’m really excited about the questions they might ask me about Lily and the other characters in that book.

The nightmares have started, though. I had one the other night. I had transportation issues, making me an hour late for the event. Then, I completely forgot what book they’d read and started to talk about another one. And no one had a single question for me.

That’s the big fear. That your work was so boring that no one cares about the characters. No one wants to know what happened next. There’s no interest in what else you’ve written, your process, or how you found the courage to submit your work in the first place.

So, I’m asking all of you for a little help. Do you have any questions about ‘Mark of the Successor’? Who was your favorite character? Which one did you love to hate? Was there any scene in particular that stood out to you and made you stop and go ‘wow..did not see that coming’? If so, leave a comment and I’ll answer it. I really need the practice, so keep asking!


2 thoughts on “The truth about appearances

  1. Hi! Read your book quickly, which means I wanted to know what happened next, and that the story was interesting. The characters were lovely. The emotional descriptions you used for her brother were fantastic. Even though we don’t know much about him, we believe in his love and concern for those around him. Turning Iris into the traitor was a surprise. I found myself thinking of her in a motherly fashion, probably because of her healing, and also caring for the girls basic needs. It made thinking back on her kinda creepy. Like when she just seemed to appear in the bathroom with her. Speaking of creepy, the ghost mother! Yikes!! I think she was truly terrifying. Don’t know if any of this helps? Also, how old was she when she was rescued? I thought she was 14, almost fifteen, but when she gets home she is almost eighteen?

    • Michelle, thanks for the feedback! Seriously, I loved it! Lily starts off around 6 in the prologue, then is 17 when the book starts at chapter 1. If it makes you feel better, it took me three days to decide to make Iris change sides!

      Haven’t decided if there’ll be a sequel yet, but there’s room for one. I do know Kade and Rylin get married, and Lily and Talin would as well. Once she gets more used to the idea of being able to decide her own fate! Iris managed to escape, and you know she’s not done yet! There’s an entire backstory to why she did what she did…and lots I could write about Kade growing up looking for Lily, Talin’s childhood, and more!

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