It was a good week. Especially for fans of the Seattle Seahawks.

Yeah, I’m a football fan. I’m not one of those who plays in a fantasy league, knows the stats for certain players, or plays armchair quarterback. In my opinion, the coach knows more about the game than I do and I won’t second guess him.

And, to be honest, I don’t know WHO would second guess Pete Carroll after yesterday’s Super Bowl.

That may have been the perfect end to a great week, but it wasn’t the only good thing. 

“Mark of the Successor” is now under contention for the 2013 Kafka Prize. There’s no way anyone can put in a vote, so I’m not asking for help with the outcome. Well wishes, crossed fingers, lit candles, and prayers to the deity of your choosing are most welcome, however. I’m sure the results won’t be announced for months yet.

As you all know, I released two short story anthologies as ebooks in December. Well, in order to get a print version, we’re going to combine them into a single book. You’ll still be able to get them separately as ebooks, but you only have to buy one print version!

The cover came back to me for final approval over the weekend. What do you all think?



It should be going live soon…stay in touch for a link!

My book club visit is this week. Nerves are going nuts! I re-read “Mark of the Successor” and have resisted the urge thus far of tweaking it any further. That’s a toughie for authors. Learning to stop writing a book once it’s released.

I’m going to start something new this month, here on my blog. I’m going to do a Last Monday with (insert name of author here) feature post on the last Monday of each month. My focus will be on sci-fi/fantasy authors for the first year or so, and I’ve already lined up guests through the summer! I hope you like reading about these great authors and how they get going!


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